The future of the world

07 Mar 2006|11:56am
mood | creative

Have you ever heard of augmented reality?  Basically it is a concept where virtual objects are displayed in the real world via a special pair of glasses or even your camera enabled cellphone. 

For example, when viewing the ground through your cellphone camera, you might see a soccer ball, which you can kick with your foot.  The soccer ball doesn't exist in real life, but is generated by your phone.

It's a pretty interesting concept and there have already been experiments where they've made large virtual games of pac man on a college campus.  If you are wearing the glasses you can see the dots and you run around campus walking over them.  A GPS is part of the setup to track your movements.

These technologies are still pretty new and conceptual, but development is picking up steam and I don't think it will be long before we start seeing this technology become widely available.  You can already download concept games for certain mobile phones if you look around.

So imagine this: let's say ten years from now the technology has developed enough to where you can wear a pair of these glasses which are completely non-intrusive and not ridiculous looking.

You're walking down the street and in addition to seeing real people, you are seeing virtual people who are actually sitting at home on their computers controlling a character.  With a microphone and a headphone, you can even go up and talk to these people (at risk of looking completely crazy to people without the glasses).

You can see virtual buildings, objects, crazy look animals, etc.  Imagine how cool it would be.  The real world meets the Internet world and becomes one. 

It sounds like something out of a sci-fi novel, but most of the technologies already exist.  Huge virtual worlds with real world value have already sprung up, like second life.  All it would take is to overlay something like second life over real world maps.

Cellular technology is good enough to provide a fast enough wireless link, and GPS accuracy for civilians is nearly good enough to do location based processing.  GPS, cellular triangulation, an internal compass, and automatic ad-hoc networks with everyone else who is connected would probably be enough to fine tune the location based data. 

I don't care how nerdy it is, when technology like this becomes available (and it will so long as the world last another 10 years), you will see me walking down the street picking up things that don't exist, putting them in my backpack that doesn't exist, petting a dog that doesn't exist, and talking to people who aren't there.  Unless of course, you're hooked in - and if you're not you'll be the nerd.

Silly Natalie Portman Video

06 Mar 2006|10:20pm
mood | confused

Have any of you seen the Natalie Portman Rap video?  It was on SNL this last weekend, and quickly appeared on the net hosted by youtube.  Within a few days, Youtube got a cease and desist from NBC to stop giving them free advertising and to remove the video.

I can't help but think it is really retarded on NBC's part to discount the power of free guerilla marketing.  I mean, Youtube was almost single-handidly responsible for making the "Chronic-What?-Cles of Narnia" video an instant hit and boosting SNL ratings (which have been faltering in recetn years).  Do they not enjoy the publicity?  Do they not enjoy the word getting out that the show now has better writers?

The funniest part is that after making sure the video was available no place else, they made it available on their own website with some stupid message about how convenient it is to have it in only one place, instead of available on a bunch of different sites.  Kinda the same as how it's convenient to only have one McDonalds in Flint, MI - and everyone in the US has to drive there to get a big mac.  Man, I'll never have to drive around looking for a McDonalds again, there's 1's of convenient locations in Flint, Michigan!

To add insult to injury, the rap was a rip-off of "No More Questions" by Eazy-E, but they did not credit him at all.  So it's okay for them to borrow and distort copyright, but when youtube does it, fully giving SNL credit, they get hit with a cease and desist.

My final comment is that I do not want anyone here telling anyone about my blog.  No linking to me, no quoting me, no nothing.  I just want all of my thoughts to be available in a single convenient location.  I don't want to gain more readers by exposing people who don't already visit my blog to things that I write here.  I want to gain new readers by magic, like NBC.

Perhaps NBC execs should enroll in a marketing class.


06 Mar 2006|12:57pm
originally uploaded by gthing.
This is my sip. Currently full of ill-gotten sobe energy.

Arrested Development picked up?

05 Mar 2006|11:00am
" GOSSIP on The New York Post newspaper has it that the cable network Showtime has picked up 26 episodes of the cancelled cult comedy series Arrested Development from Fox, but it remains speculation until an official announcement is forthcoming. reports that the deal is contingent upon the show's creator Mitchell Hurwitz committing to continue with the series. It is learnt that he has yet to confirm that he wants to extend it past its acclaimed but low-rated three-season run. "

Well, I can't say I have much faith in showtime, as they cancelled Dead Like Me - but it would be awesome to have some more Arrested Development, even if it will ikely be canceled again after the next 26 episodes.

and in other news...

"Spike Jonze and Dave Eggers are currently at work on what's sure to be a memorable adaptation of Maurice Sendak's Where the Wild Things Are."

No comment

Powerless video

04 Mar 2006|07:22pm
Powerless video
Powerless video,
originally uploaded by gthing.
At the shooting of our #1 smash hit music video for "big out there." does it look like the surface of mars?

03 Mar 2006|03:32am
I got these new Pringles Potato chips. They have facts written on them from the guniess book of world records. They're not random, either, they seem to be grouped like someone just went through the book writting down facts and didn't bother to mix them up.

There was a huge section on the fattest people ever. Heaviest guy/girl, biggest waist - that sort of thing. Now, I'm no marketing genious, but I'm not so sure you want to be talking about the fattest people in world history on your potato chips.

Maker Faire

01 Mar 2006|05:29pm
mood | ecstatic

I just got off the phone with Dale Doughety, an Editor at MAKE Magazine.  He has invited Jake and I to show off some of our awesome crazy inventions at the maker faire in April.  I'm so excited!

We will be showing off a bunch of infrared light expirements, infrared camera modifications, retro cellphone handsets, and our ECG.  They gave us a table for both days.

It will also be a good opportunity to promote DIY:happy a little bit.  We are thinking of having a DIY:happy logo stencil and spraypainting it onto people's shirts (if they are so inclined).

So I will be in San Mateo, California April 15th and 16th.  If anyone knows a place where Jake and I can crash let me know!

Media Retardation

01 Mar 2006|08:17am
Apple had it's "fun" event yesterday and released a line of new products.  The downside?  Every product they announced was boring as all get out.  It was far from the "fun" event that was advertised.

Let's see, there was the leather ipod case ... that costs $100.  And umm...the iPod boombox which looks totally stupid, and uhh... man - accessories?  Why don't you guys release something cool like a new iBook or something?

Seriously though, the iPod HIFI boombox thing is so retarded looking.  It's a big dumb box and your ipod sticks out the top al ugly-like.  It is advertised as this superior sound reproduction device.  Has anyone else forgotten that iPods play crappy compressed music?  You can get the nicest, dumbest looking speakers on earth and it's still not going to sound THAT great.

In other news, May 23rd will see the release of Blue-ray video discs.  The initial releases will be 50 first dates, The Fifth Element, Hitch, A Knight's tale, and others.  Here's the kicker - a new release will cost $40, and a classic release will cost $30.  This pisses me off to no end.  $40 for a movie that probably sucked in the first place?  I don't think most moves are worth the $20-$28 DVD price, let alone the ballistically high $40!

I will silently protest by downloading any movie that I think is remotely good.  Price gouging will get you nowhere, Hollywood.  I firmly believe that pirating will decrease if studios simply charge reasonable prices for their products.  CDs should be around $8, and DVDs should be round $12-$15.  End of story.  I would buy plenty CDs and DVDs if I didn't have to take out a second mortgage to do so.

I don't have a first mortgage.


01 Mar 2006|07:46am
mood | awake

I went to Salt Lake tonight and saw Capote with Lindsay.  I had tickets to a sneak peak of some other movie, but I missed it because I fell asleep (having not slept the night before).  Anyway, Capote was pretty alright.  It is about the author who wrote "In Cold Blood" and it kinda had a literary pompous to it.  It left me depressed.

After I dropped Lindsay off at home I was driving and there was a man with his thumb out.  It was pretty cold so I picked him up.  He wanted a ride downtown - which was 10 miles the opposite direction as I was going.  I took him anyway.  He wanted to exchange email addresses for some reason.  He kept asking for money, and I kept telling him I didn't have any.  He was pretty nice otherwise.

I've been messing with a new photography effect called tilt-shift.  A Tilt shift lense is really expensive so I've just been reproducing the effect in photoshop (err.. trying to).  The idea is to make a real subject look like a miniature model.  Here are a few (you really need to click to see them large to get an idea of the effect).


moTilt Shift 2

Once More with Feeling

26 Feb 2006|03:06am
originally uploaded by gthing.

Shopping in Springville

23 Feb 2006|09:40pm
mood | angry

When I first moved to Springville, I would drive past the local grocery store, Allens, on my way to Walmart.  One day it occurred to me that I should support local business and all that, so I decided to start shopping at Allens.

Most times I have gone in there it has been impossible to find what I need.  Simple things like soap.  I will find the isle with the shampoo, toothpaste, etc. and look around for the soap?  What's next to the shampoo? Yarn.  What's next to the toothpaste? beer.  Where is th soap?  Who the hell knows - I spanned the store 3 times looking for it - I don't think they carry it.  Perhaps people who shop at Allens don't use soap?

So I gave up on Allens for a while.  Tonight I went to Walmart.  Yea, it's big and you have to walk all over the place, but at leats you only have to walk all over the place once instead of traversing the entire store to pick up to similar items.

The only thing about Walmart is that the don't have baskets.  I don't want a cart full of stuff, I don't want a handful of stuff, I want a basket full of stuff.  They do, however, sell baskets - and I don't see why you can't go get one to hold your items and then simply not buy it at the end.  And that's what I do.

I need an oil change

23 Feb 2006|03:36am
mood | awake

I'm about 2,000 miles overdue for an oil change.  I'm not usually so careless, but I've been super busy lately and just haven't been able to make it up to Firestone where I have a sweet $15 coupon.

Yea, I could change my own oil, but it's not really worth it.  Oil filter + Oil + Oil Disposal + Time >$15.  Of course, you can save a couple bucks by dumping the oil into Utah lake, like I usually do, but then you have to drive to Utah lake. 

Oh, and I wanted to let you all know my domain fiasco has all been solved.  Besides ripping me off a bit, everything has been tranferred and is now running smoothly.  You may set your minds at ease.

1 Year domain registration + features I need = $25 =$8.95

GKG just nickle and dimes you on every last little feature.  Wanna change your A name record? $5! Wanna be able to forward your domain? $5!

I should put my posting times in bold.  It tells a lot about my life when my last post is 3:35am, then I go to bed, then my first post on DIY:happy is at 5:30am.

Battlefield 2

21 Feb 2006|10:58pm
I love battlefield 2, I do.  But if I want to play, I better have some time on my hands.  Like, at least 2 hours.

1:30 hour: loading battlefield 2, connecting to the main server, and joining a game
0:25 min: playing
0:5 minutes: exiting


21 Feb 2006|03:50pm
I forgot to renew my registration for and the site went blank for who knows how long.  Anyway, it kinda sucks because it went down during the google update today.  Doh!

It's back up now, and I'm transfering it to godaddy.  I can pay $25.00 a year to for all the services I need, or $9 a year to godaddy. Go figure, godaddy had super bowl commercials (so I'm told).


18 Feb 2006|08:38pm
originally uploaded by gthing.
Goatse anyone?


16 Feb 2006|03:07am
mood | stressed

I just love reading other people's blog posts about how hectic and busy their life is.  That's why I'm going to talk about my hectic life right now.

First of all, I realize the neglect that has been placed on as I try to get my other project, DIY:happy, up an running.  We have a constantly growing readership (already as big as, if not bigger), have been linked to from Makezine and others a few times, and have posted some ultra-cool projects.  If you haven't had a chance to check it out yet, please do so.  I promise I'll stop promoting it soon (just after we get a million readers).

Read on for exciting events from my day, like watching paint dry...Collapse )


13 Feb 2006|03:21am
mood | crazy

I have been working so hard on my new DIY site, that I have been neglecting my good 'ol blog.  I wanted to share something cool with you guys, though.  I have not yet announced this on DIY:happy, but I wanted to test it and see what people think.

This is a really cool way to get dynamic DIY:happy content as your XP desktop background.  Try it out and you will probably be suprised just how cool it is!  By the way, having a dynamic desktop like this is the wave of the future.

1. Right click on your desktop and click properties (or Click Start/Control Panel/Display)

2. Click the Desktop tab, and click the "Customize Desktop..." button

3. Click the Web Tab

4. Click "New"

5. Add the URL and click OK.  If another window comes up, just click OK again.

6. Highlight the new entry and click "properties"

7. Uncheck "make available offline."

8. Click OK until you're out of all that and back on your desktop.  You should see a little window now with this page inside it.  Click the maximize button and enjoy DIY:happy on your desktop!

You can make your own page too.  Follow the above instructions and when you play around with it a bit it will show you a note on how to create your own page.

The DIYhappy desktop is powered by protopage.

Myspace rocks

11 Feb 2006|04:27am
Myspace the movie

VH1 Best of....

09 Feb 2006|01:58am
mood | confused

VH1 has really found a niche they're good at with this whole list shows thing.  Pretty much any show on VH1 these days starts with "Best of...", "Top 100...", or "Most extreme moments in...".  They've really found something people like and they're running with it.

So I think it would be a great idea to have a "best of VH1 list shows" show.  It could be the top moments in their growing collection of best of list shows.  They could do "Best of the Best of the 80's and 90's" and "Best of the most extreme moments in various styles of music." 

The people on the show could talk about moments they remembered participating in interviews for the other best of shows.  "Yea, remember that time I was all talking about Michael J. Fox?  What's up with that anyway, nowadimsayin?!"

That would be rad.


08 Feb 2006|02:31am
mood | tired

    I am happy to report that DIY:happy is off to a great start.  On it's first full day of activity, it managed to get somewhere in the range of 60 unique hits.  It has also already been indexed by the goolgebot and is #1 in a google search for DIY Happy.  Hopefully other, higher traffic terms will follow.

    In other news, I am re-learning the art of typing.  For most of my life, have had a higher than average typing speed using only two fingers on my right hand and my left pointer finger.  People always were impressed with my typing speed, so I never bothered to fix it, but then I saw my boss type.  He types correctly, amazingly fast, and makes very few mistakes.

    While I am reversing my 20 years of bad typing habits, my typing is REALLY REALLY slow.  It sucks.  Since it is so frustrating - I think I will stop typing now.  Peace.



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