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11 Apr 2006|03:02am
mood | awake

DIY happy

Check it out, a live ticker that shows headlines from DIY:happy.  I'd put it in my sidebar, but I can't edit it anymore because my paid subscription to livejournal ran out.  All the more reason to move to my own blogging software - just too lazy to redo my theme....

Anyway, if you're cool throw the picture up on your page and link it to  It will update by itself. It will make us both happy.  Forever.

A big big rabbit

11 Apr 2006|01:22am
mood | pleased

My boss wants to get a new rabbit (when his current one dies), and is investigating how to import a rare breed from the UK.  What's so special about this breed?  Besides it's dis-proportionate ears, it's big enough to eat a small child! 

Apparently, though, the bigger the rabbit - the lazier.  So, as my boss put it "How freakin' cool would it be to have a huge lazy rabbit just sitting around the house all the time?!  Small children could take rides on it!"

What more can be said?

US Patent office

10 Apr 2006|12:58pm
mood | okay

You sure can find some interesting things filed with the US Patent office.  For example, this gas powered missile launcher.  Seriously - read on.

"A toy gas-fired missile and launcher assembly whose missile is composed of a soft head and a tail extending therefrom formed by a piston. The piston is telescoped into the barrel of a launcher having a closed end on which is mounted an electrically-activated ignitor, the air space between the end of the piston and the closed end of the barrel defining a combustion chamber. Joined to the barrel and communicating with the chamber therein is a gas intake tube having a normally-closed inlet valve. To operate the assembly, the operator places the inlet tube with its valve open adjacent his anal region from which a colonic gas is discharged. The piston is then withdrawn to a degree producing a negative pressure to inhale the gas into the combustion chamber to intermix with the air therein to create a combustible mixture. The ignitor is then activated to explode the mixture in the chamber and fire the missile into space."

Don't even try to look at the pictures.  They will confuse you.

A Comic

09 Apr 2006|01:11am
I made this comic today with Comic life.  I stole the picture off of boingboing.  That's right, each frame is part of the same picture. 

It's not very funny - I just wanted to make a comic.



06 Apr 2006|09:15pm
The google bird has come and blessed DIY happy with a pagerank 6.  If you don't know what that is, basically google ranks every page on the Internet from 0 to 10.  This number is directly equal to your relevence on the Internet.  It determines where you come up in searches and gives your links to other sites more weight.

So going from 0 (because we were new) to 6 is pretty huge - but we've had a lot of good websites pick up our stories and some good press which has helped a lot. The future pagerank predictor says we will have a 7 in the next update.

To put things in perspective MAKE, who is a billion times bigger than us has a pagerank 7.  They have linked to us a lot, so that definately boosted us up. 

To celebrate I'm buying everyone a Henry Weinhard's.  Meet me by the flag pole at 08:00.


06 Apr 2006|12:37pm
mood | pissed off

The RIAA is up to it's usual tricks again.  A college student was told to drop out of college so she could work to pay off her accused copyright infringement.  This makes perfect sense as college graduates are likely to make more money, and therefore more able to pay for their crappy music.  Dropouts will inevitably have less money, and therefore are less likely to steal again.

Of course, it doesn't work like that and the RIAA doesn't care if you do it again.  Their business model is to accuse you of something, then give you two options: A.) Ruin yourself in court and pay thousands in legal fees defending yourself - you're likely to win - that's why they suggest B.) Pay them around $3,000 and get it over with. 

It's a lose/lose situation.  They give you the option to defend yourself at immense cost and risk, or give you the option to accept defeat and pay them.

Do you know it's more serious (legally) to share a movie then walk into a movie store and walk out with every video there?  It's legally more serious to download a song then steal a store's worth of CDs.  Brilliant.

The definition of extortion is "a criminal offense, which occurs when a person obtains money, behavior, or other goods or services from another by wrongfully threatening or inflicting harm to this person, reputation, or property." 

Extortion is often used by organized crime groups - which is exactly what the RIAA is.  They have created their own court system where they decide who is guilty.  They just make it slightly easier to go to THEIR court then a court run by the government.

There are no checks and balances.  If you are wrongfully accused of copyright infringement your options remain the same.  Give in, or go to court.  The RIAA is in control and has the power to decide if you live or die, drop out of school or not, etc.

It is obvious at this point that the RIAA is doing nothing for our society except ruining it.  As long as I live I will never support them with a single penny unless they change their ways.

Stab you with a keytar

06 Apr 2006|11:41am

WTF.  Just ... WTF.



05 Apr 2006|05:42pm
This post is titled "lost" but it's not about the TV show.  It's a bout my wallet.  The last time I used it was to buy my new computer and I haven't seen it since that night.  I checked all the usual places and even the store where I bought the thing.  No luck. 

I have this vague feeling like I put it someplace weird.  You know, you're like working on something so you put your things down in some odd place thinking "I'll pick this right back up," then you find them six months later in the lint trap or something.  I feel like my wallet is in some weird place like that.  Someplace I wouldn't normally set it down.

(time passes)

After I wrote that last paragraph I went upstairs to gather up a few key items.  While up there I did a quick scan of the table I was working at when I first got my new computer.  Booyakasha - there was my wallet underneath a piece of trash.  Someplace weird, just like I said...


Apple released new software today called "Boot Camp," which creates a window partition, burns all the drivers for mac hardware to a CD, and then fakes a BIOS so you can install and dual boot Windows on your mac.  I installed it, naturally, and I have to say I am damn impressed with this machine.

Third party benchmarks show thatr the Mac is the fastest dual core Windows notebook available on the market.  That was before Apple even released this software. 

I put Battefield 2 on my new Windows partiiton and ran it.  What I experienced blew me away.  It is 10x faster then my desktop computer which is not only higher spec'd but has a decent video card too.  I won't be going back to PC hardware anytime soon.

A for Agenda

05 Apr 2006|03:00am
mood | embarrassed

I saw V for Vendetta tonight.  It was okay.  Well made, good story, engaging and all that.  I have to say, though, the part where Natalie Portman gets her head shaved (in the preview) - that whole story arch was dumb as hell.

Besides that, the whole movie had an agenda.  Even though it is set in the future, they manage to mention every hot topic going on right now and how the governments actions lead to the downfall of a once great nation.  As part of the aforementioned lame story arch, there is another mini-story that I didn't get that was totally just a politcal commentary.  Blarg.


In other news, I was walking up my stairs today when suddenly my backpack's zippers sprung open and my brand new not a day old macbook pro flew out and down the stairs.  I watched in horror in slow motion as it bounced down the stairs and came to a rest down below.  I sat looking at it for a moment - afraid to go survey the damage.

I imagined the screen cracked, the body bent and twisted, keys missing, and nuns dead.  Fortunately it still turned on and didn't appear to have any problems.  The aluminum body, however, did not make it away so easily. 

The aluminum on the front was bent badly enough that it was sticking out and blocking the DVD drive, rendering it unaccessable.  In addition, a large dent on the right side now spoke as a testement to my misfortune. 

Well, I don't f'ing care.  I took the whole damn thing apart and bent all the metal piece back into place.  Good as new (almost) - you'd have to be looking for the damage now to see it.  Everything else appears to be fine.

I own a $1000 HP laptop for three years with not so much as a close call.  I own the Fararri of computers for ONE DAY and I manage to throw it down the stairs.  Welcome to my life.

A new computer

03 Apr 2006|09:52pm
Guess who bought a new Macbook Pro today?  That's right, me.  It's totally wicked. 

Coincidentally, I will be selling off my other notebook if anyone wants it.  It's an HP Pavillion AMD 2400+/512/40gig/CDRWDVD/etc.   I will take all the stickers off if you'd like. $450



03 Apr 2006|01:36am
We finally sent everything off to get The Powerless CD pressed and done.  Just an update because I know I owe a couple of you one of those...

Sam is on a diet

31 Mar 2006|06:47pm
I know, I know - people always say they're no diets and then they stay fat forever.  Well, I waited until I made progress to tell the world about it. 

So apparently, according to the internet (and we all know the Internet never lies), I am technically overweight - or at least I was when I first checked.  I'm 6'6" and I weighed in at 220 pounds.  You can do the math too if you want.

You can't really tell (or maybe it's just that nobody ever said anything to be) that I'm a fatty-boomba because I'm so tall.  My access weight is spread out so I still look like an average tall skinny kid. 

Anyway, on about Tuesday I realized all this, so on Wednesday I bought a bunch of weight loss shakes from Costco (on the recommendation of a friend).  These are awesome.  I never like eating breakfast or lunch anyway because I always forgot.  But lately I've been eating crap like Sonic for breakfast.  So now I just drink a shake, and I don't feel too hungry.  Another one for lunch, like the commercial says, and they a "sensible dinner."

I don't know what sensible means.

Anyway apparently it's been working because I've lost 14-15 lbs so far.  It was like, a lot of weight the first two days, and now it seems to be less rapid.  My buddy Dave just told me to eat less calories a day then I use - and that is working.

So my target is like 170.  I'm pretty sure I'll look like an emaciated corpse by then, but that's what the Internet says is on the bottom third of "normal."  In fact, it says I would still be "normal" if I was 160 - although I'm prety sure that would make me "normally dead."

6'6" and 160 lbs?  Holy crap.  Seriously. 

So now that I've lost about 15 lbs I AM in the normal category - just in case there are any hot chicks reading this.

Another awesome tat!

25 Mar 2006|02:13am
Another awesome tat!
Another awesome tat!,
originally uploaded by gthing.
So after tessacle gave me a sweet tat, I gave her one. She wanted a sun rising out of her ... Umm ... Well just take a gander.

My awesome new tat

25 Mar 2006|02:04am
My awesome new tat
My awesome new tat,
originally uploaded by gthing.
Tessacle gave me a new awesome tat of a totally bodacious mermaid. I named her petunia (and will never wash her off).


24 Mar 2006|02:09am
mood | frustrated

Trying (yet again) to shift my sleep schedule backwards without success.


In the following story, I will clearly label each successive failue, for ease of the reader in understanding my level of frustration.

Yeterday my "check engine" light (1) came on.  I stopped by autozone and had them pull the code.  The result was "cylinder 4 misfire," a problem I had dealt with last summer.  Today I decided to clear the code to see if it came back up again.

While I was under the hood, I thought I would investigate a little further.  I pulled out the spark plug to make sure it looked okay.  To do this, I have to remove one of the coils that covers it (don't worry, you don't need to know what this stuff is for this story).  The spark plugs looked fine, so I put everything back together and went to screw the coil back in place.

About 5 rotations into securing the bolt, it (2) broke off INSIDE MY MOTHER F'N ENGINE BLOCK.  After cussing a bunch and throwing tools around (and maybe beating up a little kid, I can't remember), I took a closer look at the problem.

The bolt was still sticking out a bit, so I decided to dremel a line into it and basically turn it into a screw.  My dremeling work was beautiful, but as soon as I put a screwdriver to it, it (3) broke apart and left me worse off then I was before.

I decided I would need to "tap" the bolt out.  This basically meands drilling a hole through the bolt, shoving something into the hole, and then backing the bolt out.  (4) Not having all the neccesary tools for the venture, I hopped on my skateboard and headed down to ACE hardware, about half a mile away.

(5) Springville roads suck, and cannot easily be skateboarded on.

Got to the hardware store, found the tools, got back.  I went to drill a hole in the bolt and the drill bit I just bought (6) broke immediately upon touching the bolt.  I tried again with the same result.  I checked the packaging the drill bit came in and confirmed that they are made for METAL.  Apparently this bolt is adimantium.

Jake could see the steam coming out of my ears, so decided to intervene.  He got another (mo betta') drill bit and drilled the hole for me, and then turned the project back to me. 

Now was time to use the tap, which I had never used before.  I followed some instructions I found on the net.  basically you just screw the tap into the bolt, then unscrew the bolt.  but wouldn't unscrewing the bolt just unscrew the tap?  Well, I didn't have a chance to find out, as the tap (7) broke off inside the bolt, (8) rendering all previous work a waster of time, and (9) the situation hopeless. 

I threw around some more tools, cussed at some nuns, and slaughtered a goat. 

Finally I decided that I can live without the bolt in question (well, it's not the best idea, but I give up...).  Screwed everything back together, reconnected my battery, and got in my car.  I turned the key and it (10) exploded in a theatrical fireball, consuming Jake, myself, and our house.  Investigators later concluded that the fire was caused by foul-play.

Okay, number 10 was made up, but my frustration level did reach a 9, and a 9 ou to 10 is pretty serious.  I better take it easy for a couple days or I might blow a gasket.

Santa's Workshop

24 Mar 2006|12:19am
mood | loved

Jake and I finally invested in a table for our projects dungeon and were able to move all of our half-finished DIY projects OFF the kitchen table and downstairs out of the way.  Our room mates will be happy and won't know what to do with their newly reclaimed kitchen respite.

The official DIY:happy lab:

I received this email today:


I'm an anonymous devoted follower of your DIY:happy site...and subsequently the charming blog you've got going, too.  Your latest entry, the "What Sam Did Awesome-o Vision" one, was so dang good, I decide to share it with my English class here in Franklin, Massachusetts and afterwards, write their own version.  Cool lesson plan, huh?  Yeah, I thought so too.  But it didn't fly.  Mind you, English is not the first language of the students...and they still have trouble with past tense, let alone intense albeit subtle sarcasm.  To make a long story short, only the guy from Venezuela "got it."  The French girls, as always, were being catty and chatty during the whole thing and the Japanese guy was asleep.  On the other hand, I enjoyed it very much...and I'm from the Middle East (at heart.)  Just thought I'd share the international love and fun we have for you here on the East coast.  Good luck in California!


Marie Thompson"

As it just so happens, I'm HUGE in Venezuela right now. 

The art of sleep

21 Mar 2006|02:08am
mood | crazy

It's late and I can't sleep.  So I am going to tell you all a story.  It's called "What Sam did today - in awesome-o vision."  This story is based on real events, but I changed things a bit to make it more like a hollywood production, and less like my life.

10:30 - Went to work

I work as a copywriter for an internet retailer.  Today nobody was there.  They has all gone snowboarding/skiing/snowdogging/whatever.  I was all by my lonesome.  So I invited over a bunch of friends and we threw a fat party in the warehouse.  There were about 300 people there and fire trucks.  You can always tell a good party by the firetrucks.

3:45 - Left work

I left a few minutes early so I could make it over to the body shop.  They owed me money, and if they didn't have it for me I was going to take it from them in teeth.  Fortunately, they did have it, because they're a body shop and they make tons of money.  I took a free pen on the way out.

4:30 - Visited the Chiropractor

I see a massage therapist (Jake's cousin) and a chiropractor three times a week.  It's pretty good.  Today the chiropractor tried to break my neck.  I flipped backwards and knocked him out.  When he awoke, he was strapped to the adjustment table and I had glued his eyes open watching LOST.  His brain soon melted.  I did many more rad flips.  I took a free candy on the way out.

5:15-6:30 - Shopping

Being up in Orem, and having plans at 6:30 I found a gap in my schedule.  I didn't want to drive home, yet I didn't have anything better to do.  I decided to go shopping.  Since I am freakishly tall, nothing fit and I got frustrated.  I hopped on my private jet to go visit all the major player in the fashion industry.  I made them eat cat poo until they promised to make clothes for tall skinny people.  Then Lenny Kravitz wanted to borrow my jet, so I took my helicopter home.

6:30 - Band Practice

I plugged my bass into my wireless transmitter and stood outside in the fresh air during practice.  It was dark and I could see some movement in the bushes.  Before I knew it, I was under attack by a gang of mis-guided ninjas who hated rock and roll.  I kicked all their butts with my fists of fury, and didn't even miss a note in the song.

8:00 - Visited a friend

9:30 - Talked to a friend on the phone

10:00 - Went shopping

I went shopping again, but this time for food.  I made a deal with my room mates to rotate who buys parashible items (bread, milk, cheese, etc.)  Jake ousted himself from the cheese rotation because he only likes what he calls "American" cheese, which is actually those kraft singles things.  I didn't know anybody actually liked those - I thought they were just for roofing and insulation - who knew? Much food was purchased.

We were followed.

10:45 - Sandwhich

I made myself a sandwhich ... actually two sandwhiches.  They were poisoned, but I actually spent a few years building up an immunity to iocane powder - so it was no big deal.

11:00-2am - In bed

Watched some arrested development, the office, flipped a few channels, surfed the net, was so attention starved that I actually logged into myspace, and now I'm writing this update.  As we speak (and by "we" I mean "I" and by "speak" I mean "write") I can feel something protruding from my chest.  What is that?  Hold on lemme take a closer look .... oh man it's moving ... what the ?  ... oh it hurts!  AHHh!!!!!m  AN alien just popped out of my chest!!!!11!!!1! someone call th epoflk32rewg45!@#$#!#$$#

(carrier dropped)

Dear Journal

19 Mar 2006|11:55pm
Ah, my poor, neglected livejournal ... I have regarded you as naught.  Here's an update at what I've been up to.

BEING AWESOME:  This is pretty much a given - I'm being awesome all the time.  It's kinda my thing, in case you haven't figured out.  I just got my first "long" haircut ever.  My hair isn't THAT long, but I'm growing it out long as a statement against hitler, who had short hair.  This is my silent protest.

MAKING AWESOME PROJECTS:  I've been working on some projects for the make fair next month.  Jake and I will be showing off our warez to a big crowd out in the CA.  I can't tell you which specific top secret awesome projects we're working on, suffice it to say that they are awesome ... and secret.

GETTING FAT:  I seem to be getting fat.  Not like, I need to buy new pants fat, but like "are you pregnant?" fat.  Not really - but I can't wait until summer so I can go run around and be a kid again.  I will ride a bike (providing I am able to obtain one), skateboard down the canyon at breakneck speeds, and jump up and down in place.

BREAKING NECKS: Speaking of breakneck speeds, I'm seeing a chiropractor again, and every time he adjusts my neck I'm afraid that he broke it.  He hasn't yet.

BEING SINGLE: I don't want to talk about it.

BEING RADICAL: Being radical is much like being awesome, except more 80's influenced.  Being radical consists of: Doing sweet tricks on BMX bikes, talking on walkie talkies, playing laser tag, and buying cabbage patch kids (or garbage pail kids).  Being both radical and awesome is an art, an art that I have mastered.

Our trip to Wal*Mart (In Pictures)

14 Mar 2006|01:09am
Midnight - the perfect time for a trip to Wal*Mart.  But who would document this trip?  I started off by recruiting Jake.  He just whined a bunch then spun around in circles on the floor and said he didn't want to go.

So I kept asking him.  Finaly, he realized that it would be quicker to just go with me then to have me keep asking him for the next half hour.  So I grabbed my keys and wallet and headed out.

The first task was to enter my automobile, which I did.  Okay, for those of you who have seen my REAL car, this one is a rental.

And off we went! Ooops,  I ran over the neighbors lawn.  Oh well, nobody likes them anyway.  We drove and drove.  We must have reached speeds of 35 or 40 MPH.

And we got to Wal*Mart

Crazy Jake walked on someone's car!

Got inside and realized I left my money in the car:

So I ran out and got it

And all was well.

Jake got some crap...

Then we drove home

And saw a cop on the way

Home again, home again, rigity jig...

Remote Controlled Airplane

10 Mar 2006|03:18pm
mood | broken

I purchased a remote control airplane.  It's totally sweet, but so far it has had a rough life.  My first wreck was only from about 6 feet, hooking sharp left and flying directly into the ground.

One wing repair later I was up and flying again.  I narrowly avoided a nose dive, only to crash directly into the roof of a nearby gas station and break the nose off.  One of the propelers was busted up, so it no longer flew straight and couldn't be taken off.

So I had Jake hand launch it, and actually flew around with the gimped propeler for a while, but lost site of the plane behind a street light.  This is where that little expirement ended up.


The other mark in the snow is where the plane actually bounced, and although it looks like its sticking out of the snow, it's actually stuck about 3 inches into the dirt.


Look like we'll need some more repairs...

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