gthing (gthing) wrote,


The google bird has come and blessed DIY happy with a pagerank 6.  If you don't know what that is, basically google ranks every page on the Internet from 0 to 10.  This number is directly equal to your relevence on the Internet.  It determines where you come up in searches and gives your links to other sites more weight.

So going from 0 (because we were new) to 6 is pretty huge - but we've had a lot of good websites pick up our stories and some good press which has helped a lot. The future pagerank predictor says we will have a 7 in the next update.

To put things in perspective MAKE, who is a billion times bigger than us has a pagerank 7.  They have linked to us a lot, so that definately boosted us up. 

To celebrate I'm buying everyone a Henry Weinhard's.  Meet me by the flag pole at 08:00.
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