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This post is titled "lost" but it's not about the TV show.  It's a bout my wallet.  The last time I used it was to buy my new computer and I haven't seen it since that night.  I checked all the usual places and even the store where I bought the thing.  No luck. 

I have this vague feeling like I put it someplace weird.  You know, you're like working on something so you put your things down in some odd place thinking "I'll pick this right back up," then you find them six months later in the lint trap or something.  I feel like my wallet is in some weird place like that.  Someplace I wouldn't normally set it down.

(time passes)

After I wrote that last paragraph I went upstairs to gather up a few key items.  While up there I did a quick scan of the table I was working at when I first got my new computer.  Booyakasha - there was my wallet underneath a piece of trash.  Someplace weird, just like I said...


Apple released new software today called "Boot Camp," which creates a window partition, burns all the drivers for mac hardware to a CD, and then fakes a BIOS so you can install and dual boot Windows on your mac.  I installed it, naturally, and I have to say I am damn impressed with this machine.

Third party benchmarks show thatr the Mac is the fastest dual core Windows notebook available on the market.  That was before Apple even released this software. 

I put Battefield 2 on my new Windows partiiton and ran it.  What I experienced blew me away.  It is 10x faster then my desktop computer which is not only higher spec'd but has a decent video card too.  I won't be going back to PC hardware anytime soon.
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