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A for Agenda

I saw V for Vendetta tonight.  It was okay.  Well made, good story, engaging and all that.  I have to say, though, the part where Natalie Portman gets her head shaved (in the preview) - that whole story arch was dumb as hell.

Besides that, the whole movie had an agenda.  Even though it is set in the future, they manage to mention every hot topic going on right now and how the governments actions lead to the downfall of a once great nation.  As part of the aforementioned lame story arch, there is another mini-story that I didn't get that was totally just a politcal commentary.  Blarg.


In other news, I was walking up my stairs today when suddenly my backpack's zippers sprung open and my brand new not a day old macbook pro flew out and down the stairs.  I watched in horror in slow motion as it bounced down the stairs and came to a rest down below.  I sat looking at it for a moment - afraid to go survey the damage.

I imagined the screen cracked, the body bent and twisted, keys missing, and nuns dead.  Fortunately it still turned on and didn't appear to have any problems.  The aluminum body, however, did not make it away so easily. 

The aluminum on the front was bent badly enough that it was sticking out and blocking the DVD drive, rendering it unaccessable.  In addition, a large dent on the right side now spoke as a testement to my misfortune. 

Well, I don't f'ing care.  I took the whole damn thing apart and bent all the metal piece back into place.  Good as new (almost) - you'd have to be looking for the damage now to see it.  Everything else appears to be fine.

I own a $1000 HP laptop for three years with not so much as a close call.  I own the Fararri of computers for ONE DAY and I manage to throw it down the stairs.  Welcome to my life.
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