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Sam is on a diet

I know, I know - people always say they're no diets and then they stay fat forever.  Well, I waited until I made progress to tell the world about it. 

So apparently, according to the internet (and we all know the Internet never lies), I am technically overweight - or at least I was when I first checked.  I'm 6'6" and I weighed in at 220 pounds.  You can do the math too if you want.

You can't really tell (or maybe it's just that nobody ever said anything to be) that I'm a fatty-boomba because I'm so tall.  My access weight is spread out so I still look like an average tall skinny kid. 

Anyway, on about Tuesday I realized all this, so on Wednesday I bought a bunch of weight loss shakes from Costco (on the recommendation of a friend).  These are awesome.  I never like eating breakfast or lunch anyway because I always forgot.  But lately I've been eating crap like Sonic for breakfast.  So now I just drink a shake, and I don't feel too hungry.  Another one for lunch, like the commercial says, and they a "sensible dinner."

I don't know what sensible means.

Anyway apparently it's been working because I've lost 14-15 lbs so far.  It was like, a lot of weight the first two days, and now it seems to be less rapid.  My buddy Dave just told me to eat less calories a day then I use - and that is working.

So my target is like 170.  I'm pretty sure I'll look like an emaciated corpse by then, but that's what the Internet says is on the bottom third of "normal."  In fact, it says I would still be "normal" if I was 160 - although I'm prety sure that would make me "normally dead."

6'6" and 160 lbs?  Holy crap.  Seriously. 

So now that I've lost about 15 lbs I AM in the normal category - just in case there are any hot chicks reading this.
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