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Santa's Workshop

Jake and I finally invested in a table for our projects dungeon and were able to move all of our half-finished DIY projects OFF the kitchen table and downstairs out of the way.  Our room mates will be happy and won't know what to do with their newly reclaimed kitchen respite.

The official DIY:happy lab:

I received this email today:


I'm an anonymous devoted follower of your DIY:happy site...and subsequently the charming blog you've got going, too.  Your latest entry, the "What Sam Did Awesome-o Vision" one, was so dang good, I decide to share it with my English class here in Franklin, Massachusetts and afterwards, write their own version.  Cool lesson plan, huh?  Yeah, I thought so too.  But it didn't fly.  Mind you, English is not the first language of the students...and they still have trouble with past tense, let alone intense albeit subtle sarcasm.  To make a long story short, only the guy from Venezuela "got it."  The French girls, as always, were being catty and chatty during the whole thing and the Japanese guy was asleep.  On the other hand, I enjoyed it very much...and I'm from the Middle East (at heart.)  Just thought I'd share the international love and fun we have for you here on the East coast.  Good luck in California!


Marie Thompson"

As it just so happens, I'm HUGE in Venezuela right now. 
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