gthing (gthing) wrote,

Dear Journal

Ah, my poor, neglected livejournal ... I have regarded you as naught.  Here's an update at what I've been up to.

BEING AWESOME:  This is pretty much a given - I'm being awesome all the time.  It's kinda my thing, in case you haven't figured out.  I just got my first "long" haircut ever.  My hair isn't THAT long, but I'm growing it out long as a statement against hitler, who had short hair.  This is my silent protest.

MAKING AWESOME PROJECTS:  I've been working on some projects for the make fair next month.  Jake and I will be showing off our warez to a big crowd out in the CA.  I can't tell you which specific top secret awesome projects we're working on, suffice it to say that they are awesome ... and secret.

GETTING FAT:  I seem to be getting fat.  Not like, I need to buy new pants fat, but like "are you pregnant?" fat.  Not really - but I can't wait until summer so I can go run around and be a kid again.  I will ride a bike (providing I am able to obtain one), skateboard down the canyon at breakneck speeds, and jump up and down in place.

BREAKING NECKS: Speaking of breakneck speeds, I'm seeing a chiropractor again, and every time he adjusts my neck I'm afraid that he broke it.  He hasn't yet.

BEING SINGLE: I don't want to talk about it.

BEING RADICAL: Being radical is much like being awesome, except more 80's influenced.  Being radical consists of: Doing sweet tricks on BMX bikes, talking on walkie talkies, playing laser tag, and buying cabbage patch kids (or garbage pail kids).  Being both radical and awesome is an art, an art that I have mastered.
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