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Our trip to Wal*Mart (In Pictures)

Midnight - the perfect time for a trip to Wal*Mart.  But who would document this trip?  I started off by recruiting Jake.  He just whined a bunch then spun around in circles on the floor and said he didn't want to go.

So I kept asking him.  Finaly, he realized that it would be quicker to just go with me then to have me keep asking him for the next half hour.  So I grabbed my keys and wallet and headed out.

The first task was to enter my automobile, which I did.  Okay, for those of you who have seen my REAL car, this one is a rental.

And off we went! Ooops,  I ran over the neighbors lawn.  Oh well, nobody likes them anyway.  We drove and drove.  We must have reached speeds of 35 or 40 MPH.

And we got to Wal*Mart

Crazy Jake walked on someone's car!

Got inside and realized I left my money in the car:

So I ran out and got it

And all was well.

Jake got some crap...

Then we drove home

And saw a cop on the way

Home again, home again, rigity jig...

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