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Remote Controlled Airplane

I purchased a remote control airplane.  It's totally sweet, but so far it has had a rough life.  My first wreck was only from about 6 feet, hooking sharp left and flying directly into the ground.

One wing repair later I was up and flying again.  I narrowly avoided a nose dive, only to crash directly into the roof of a nearby gas station and break the nose off.  One of the propelers was busted up, so it no longer flew straight and couldn't be taken off.

So I had Jake hand launch it, and actually flew around with the gimped propeler for a while, but lost site of the plane behind a street light.  This is where that little expirement ended up.


The other mark in the snow is where the plane actually bounced, and although it looks like its sticking out of the snow, it's actually stuck about 3 inches into the dirt.


Look like we'll need some more repairs...
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